"Space of Mugham" - V International Mugham Festival to be held in Baku, 7-14 March 2018

In recent decades the safeguarding and promotion of unique forms of the traditional music of Eastern peoples, and particularly, Azerbaijani Mugham, have been drawn to the forefront of attention on the global scale.

Inclusion of Azerbaijani Mugham in the UNESCO World List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity proves immense artistic value and intercultural potential laid down in this music tradition.

Given that Heydar Aliyev Foundation had initiated "Space of Mugham" International Music Festival, the high-scale international cultural event unique of its kind and embracing all manifestations of the musical phenomenon based on elaborated modal systems.

Competition of Mugham Performance is regularly held bi-annually in the frame of the Space of Mugham Festival since March 2009 in Baku.

It is inclined to play a role in:

-gathering up-to-date information about the current state of the inter-related music art forms covered by the concept of mugham.

-restoring historic ties between different contemporary ethnic/regional music cultures.

-fostering lively creative interaction between musicians who enliven this type of music.

The previous three editions of the competition have revealed outstanding talent among the young and emerging performers from many countries and regions and already positioned some of the prize-winners and participants on the internaitonal scene of world music.

More information: http://mugamcompetition.az/

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